The Millenium

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The Millenium provided a significant focus for the residents of Green Bottom and Tibbs Cross.  The Village Association was created and two key projects initiated, generating a variety of fundraising events over a number of years.   These activities created new friendships and a long-lasting community spirit.

Green Bottom entered the Bledisloe Cup* in 2001, and was awarded a “Highly Commended” Plaque.  This video clip was filmed during the competition:


Interviews were recorded with a number of the residents:

  • Belinda Legge and Carolyn McCoy

to be added

  • Cyril and Betty Jones

to be added

  • Eileen Meek
  • Tony and Georgie Wood

to be added


Photos were taken of many of the residents at the Millenium:



*  The Bledisloe Cup crowned the best kept village in Gloucestershire between 1937 and 2009.  The event, ran by “Campaign to Protect Rural England”, was named after Lord Bledisloe who lived in Lydney before inheriting his family’s estate in Cirencester, and was started in 1937.