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The Millenium Pond actually consists of two ponds, with water from the top pond flowing into the lower, larger pond. Creation of these ponds was an ambitious undertaking, and many will be surprised to learn how complex this project was. The pond has transformed a neglected area of the village into an attractive feature, appreciated not only by the residents but also walkers who pass through.  The pond was officially opened on 22nd October, 2000.


How this came about


Ian Walker, one of the residents at the time of the Millenium, was a water engineer, and he investigated the potential options for a pond.

Prior to the construction of the Cinderford Waterworks pumping station (see Waterworks), Westbury Brook ran its main course from its groundwater sources in Edge Hills, through the Hamlet towards Flaxley Mill.  After the Waterworks construction, any surplus from the pumping station was diverted towards Guns Mill, rejoining the main course of Westbury Brook.   As mains water was not available in Green Bottom for many years, piped water was provided, terminating in a trough at the road junction near Rose Cottage from which the residents collected their drinking water.   This supply ran continuously and the overflow formed a small pond.  This remained long after mains water was provided, until the 1940’s when the pipe from the pumping station was capped and the pond disappeared.  Ian sought approval for restoration of the original brook, providing necessary input for the ponds.

Throughout 1999 and into 2000, the site was excavated, pipe drains and liners installed,  and embankments and cascades constructed.

Finally, the site was planted, and a Millenium Bench installed.

An article was published in the Forest of Dean Newspapers, reporting on progress being made on the pond (click on the image for a larger copy).

Below is an interview with Ian Walker, who explains the proposed work: