taken approx 1989The Green Bottom History site has been created by volunteers from the Green Bottom Resident’s Association.  In the 1998, the Green Bottom Resident’s Association was created.  The Millenium was close and the residents were keen to mark this significant milestone.  Two major initiatives were begun; the Green Bottom history project, and the creation of a village pond.  Green Bottom received a “Highly Commended” award in the 2001 Bedisloe Cup (Gloucestershire best kept village).

Grandparents of Dorothy Pickett

The History project was led by two of the residents, Carolyn McCoy and Belinda Legge, with the assistance of several others.  Over a number of years they gathered photographs, documents and interviewed many residents and their relatives, past and present (¹).  This information,  originally planned to be published in a book, has been shown to the public on several occasions, and is now being shared via this site.  We would like to thank Carolyn and Belinda for all the effort that they put into the History project over the years; without them this site would not be possible.

It will take time to add all the data we have, and new facts and experiences continue to be gathered.

The residents are proud to be living in Green Bottom, and are keen to learn more about its heritage and to preserve it.

The following poem was published by the local Baptist Chapel and encapsulates the magic that captivates the residents of Green Bottom and surrounds.

Green Bottom

Down in a peaceful valley

not far from Littledean

nestles a pleasant village

the most picturesque I’ve seen.

The blossom it’s so beautiful

from the flowers, fruit and trees,

their fragrance seems to fill the air,

stirred only by a gentle breeze.   


(¹)    All photographs on this website are copyrighted and published with the permission of the respective owners.  Permission has been granted for use by the Green Bottom Residents Association for the purposes of documenting the history of the village.  Please do not reproduce any media from this website without first contacting the Residents Association.