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The Green Bottom Baptist Chapel

Beulah Chapel in Greenbottom was opened in 1877.

During the early 1870s it became obvious that the congregation at the Baptist Chapel in Cinderford was becoming increasingly large, so the decision was made to create more “Preaching Stations”.

In 1879 ten districts were created from the outlying areas around Cinderford.  Greenbottom was an area along with Littledean and Walnut Tree (we do not know where Walnut Tree was).  Services were already being held at the home of Mr. James Leadbeater, a coal miner, who lived in Beulah Cottage until 1917 when he sold to Mr. James Beddis.

This brief history and origin is taken from the ‘Greenbottom Baptist Church Centenary Brochure 1877-1977′.

“‘Beulah’ a station of Cinderford Baptist Church is situated in the quiet peaceful Hamlet of Green Bottom.  Erected during the pastorate of the Rev. G. Griffiths the foundation stone was layed on December 14th, 1876, when four ladies, members of the Church at Cinderford took part, namely:- Mrs. E. Hadley, Miss A. Chivers, Miss P. Tingle and Miss Kate Waite.  Stories are told of how our Granmothers and Great Granmothers carried stones for the building of their place of worship.  The Chapel was completed and dedicated to the Glory of God on Sunday, 1st May, 1877.  The first service was conducted by the Rev. John Hall resident minister of Gorsley Baptist Church.  In 1887 during the pastorate of the Rev. John George two classrooms were added to accommodate the older scholars.  It is recorded that before the church was erected services were held in the home of James Leadbeater.

The early life of the Church was fraught with danger and disappointment for in the years 1889 and 1900 the Home Church resolved to sell the property to the best advantage.  It was offered to Sir Crawley Bovey and then to the friends of Littledean Congregational Church.

Still it survived, the faithful few continued to worship refusing to forsake the place they loved.

In the year 1905, their faithfulness was rewarded for on Sunday, 26th March, 19 men and women were baptized and were received into the Church.

The years that followed were years of blessing under the leadership of such men as Will and Fred Field, Daniel James and Edwin Jones.  By the year 1935 ‘The Home Church’ had relinquished much of its authority, and in that year a resolution was passed enabling the officers of ‘Beulah’ to draw cash from any of its accounts when required.

‘Beulah’ is self supporting, elects her own officers and controls her own affairs, although the Church at Cinderford is still the final authority.”

Services still take place at 3 pm on alternate Sunday afternoons, and the chapel is used occasionally for other celebrations and events.

Additional detailed information relating to the history of the chapel, and photographs, will be added soon.